Debriefing Learning Lab
“Feeding Madeira”

The Learning Lab 1 “Feeding Madeira” aims to test for the first time the learning methodology developed within the ERASMUS+ funded project DC4DM – Digital Creativity for Digital Maturity future skills. This international design-led workshop gathers 40 students from Portugal, Italy and France and 6 tech-driven /food SMEs and startups.
The 6 multidisciplinary teams will identify possible future tech scenarios and co-design new product-service solutions for sustainable food systems, for Madeira and beyond!

The Learning Lab 1 ‘Feeding Madeira’ involves six start-ups which will get the chance to explore their future and digital transformation as small businesses through the digital creativity of our participants and the #dmtoolkit

We loved to hear the stories by these young and energetic entrepreneurs! Thanks to Thiago @biorebootpt, David @footar, Thomasia from Phytoalgae, Nadia @sntechuk, Gabriela @friic.madeira, and Luis from Musiquence.

To work in team and be able to collaborate it is important to connect and build a relationship on trust. In few days of LLab we have understood that efficient and agile teamwork requires time for casual-social conversations and fun!

The DM Toolkit has allowed the teams to identify their scenarios of the future. Sharing is an important moment within the process when everybody can suggest, question, provoque on the others’ work and encourage critical thinking.

The future scenarios and concepts presented by the 6 teams positiverly surprised the audience and encouraged to reflect and discuss about the importance of developing digital creativity abilities within local organisations, SMEs and start-ups.
Why is it important to project ourselves towards the future? Why training our ability to think and design for possible future(s)?

Sharing Day

The Sharing Day was an opportunity to open a conversation with the local community and stakeholders about the potential of designing for the future by considering digital technologies as enabler of positive and sustainable change.

Special thanks

Time to reward our magic LLAB participants! They all made an amazing job in just 10 days workshop by using the DMtoolking and testing with us the DM Learning Methodology.
See you in Saint-Etienne for the LLAB2 hosted by Telecom Saint-Etienne with the support of Mines Saint-Etienne and partners Politechnico Milano Universidade Da Madeira and Startup Madeira.