Learning Lab Saint Etienne

On Monday afternoon, the students formed their team and discovered the 4 macro-themes of the learning lab: cultural mobility, transport mobility, energy mobility and biodiversity mobility. They attended the presentations of the 4 start-ups and companies that will inspire students during the learning lab: @Raidlay, @LPO, @Les Coursiers Stéphanois, @Où Sortir.
On Tuesday morning, the teaching teams organized the “Learning by Walking” activity, which provides context on the theme and opens up to the world. In this context, the students discovered an exhibition around mobility, visited the material library and observed the mobility of birds and species at Parc Montaud in Saint-Etienne.
To discover the result of these 10 days of work, meet on 04/11 afternoon at @Ecole D’ingénieurs Télécom Saint-Etienne

Horizon Scanning

The learning lab continues with the first phase “Horizon Scanning” which allows to define ideas and types of trends, thanks to different tools like “The wide eyed wheel”, “Steep analysis” and ”Trend research”.

Yesterday, we organized a sharing time about the first phase with students, teachers and startup in order to present the work of the different groups.

They will start the phase 2 : Visionning !

Team Building Learning Lab

Even morning, the teaching team organize warm-up activity for students to develop creativity, team cohesion and motivation!
Team building activities are chosen according to the progress in the process and according to the needs of the teams. The first team building is there to create a link between the members of the team, to see how each one works while the following exercises allow to keep the collective dynamic and keep the motivation.
Sharing times are also set up at the end of each stage. They allow all students to share their work and discover the work of others, it reinforces the value of each other’s work, exchanges between students. These exchanges also help to develop everyone’s critical thinking and expert perspective!
A fun way to start the day and finish the different steps!

Sharing Day DC4DM

Last Friday, the DC4DM learning lab in Saint-Etienne ended with the Sharing Day event!
The 5 groups of students presented their work of these 10 days around the scenarios of the future of mobility.
An event under the sign of sharing and exchange, which allowed the local community and stakeholders to interact with students and to be able to exchange on the impact of new technologies on the mobility of tomorrow.
Thank you to all the speakers, participants and startups Raidlay, Les Coursiers Stéphanois, LPO, Où Sortir.