What is the DC4DM Model?

DC4DM project aims to implement, apply, and disseminate a human-centred educational model to develop and empower people’s digital creativity skills to strategically drive the application of future emerging digital technologies to answer future social and environmental challenges in any field.

Shared within a European network of HEIs, SMEs and Startups, Business Incubators, the DC4DM model will contribute to guide the ongoing process of digital evolution to achieve digital maturity. Indeed, the DC4DM model integrates all the Digital Creativity skills identified as in line with Digitally Mature companies’ needs and therefore relevant for training future digital talents.

The Digital Creativity4Digital Maturity (DC4DM) model will empower digital creativity through the (1) exchange of knowledge; (2) co-creation of interdisciplinary methods and tools; and (3) project-based experiments to understand and possibly anticipate the foreseeable opportunities and threats offered by the digital evolution developing a strategic approach to the adoption and application of such technology.

The DC4DM model aims to train the digital talent that will guide companies through a digital transformation towards full maturity. This will be possible through an educational box that include the right tools and methods to train cross-functional teams of design, engineer, business students to face the complex real-world challenges brought by digital transformation.

Training digital wise professionals able to drive the digital transformation has become a mission hich requires a European Alliance from all the relevant stakeholders.